Monday, January 27, 2014

temperature data reflective blog post

When we studied temperature change what we did was we looked at temperature change around certain areas and how it changed using data and graphs for my data i got a correlation coefficient of 2.89 as well as a slope of .32 for my Y intercept i got .28 as for the class data it looked like it ranges anywhere from -.027 to .565 for the correlation coefficient as well as for the class slope it ranged anywhere from -.001 to .324 as well as the class

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  1. I believe you can do better.

    Also, you can't get a correlation coefficient of 2.89 and it would be very unlikely to get a slope of .32 for this data. In addition, you were supposed to explain what we did in enough detail so that your reader understood what we did - do you think you did that? Finally, you should've also talked about what the correlation coefficient and slope meant in this case.

    In the future, please make sure you respond completely to the prompt.